Why Bellagio Landscape ?
# 1 Reason - We don't hide anything from you, on this website you can find all our secrets about our Landscaping Business.
  • Degree in Landscape Architecture with 10 years of work experience in the field of Landscaping.
  • Owner available 24hrs day 7days a week
  • Upfront with cost estimates no hidden fees
  • Customer is always right attitude
  • Specialize in Landscape curb-appeal
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“This site was built to help you with all your concerns and questions about landscaping. We are here to help you understand the process of landscaping. Therefore please feel free to explore our site and enjoy the information we are sharing.”

Welcome to Bellagio Landscape, we are the best landscape designer and landscape contractor in Orange County. Here on our website you can find information on everything that involves Landscaping.

3D Landscape Design Fly Through Video

            We’re dedicated to be the best custom landscape design contractor in Southern California. Our educational background in Landscape Architecture and our experience over 10 years in the field of landscaping allows us to provide you with an exceptional service. Whether you’re in search of a new landscape design, or a Landscape Contractor you can trust, let us make this well-designed transformation. We provide a variety of residential landscape services that are customized to blend in with your home and lifestyle.

We provide the following landscaping services:

Conceptual Landscape Designs - 3D Landscape Design - Custom Concrete - Stone Decking - Masonry Work - Concrete Staining Services – Patios – Terraces – Walls – Retaining Walls -Walkways – Outdoor Kitchens -  Custom Swimming Pool and Spas – Streams – Ponds - Patio Covers, Trellis and Gazebos - Plant Design and Installation – Perennial borders – Flowering Shrubs – Herb Gardens – Large Tree moving and Planting - Accent Lighting - Irrigation Services - Waterfalls - Fountains - Rock Design - Outdoor Fireplaces - Fire Pits - Built-in Barbecues (BBQ) - Green Landscaping - Xeriscape  

1. Landscape Design – Our innovative way of thinking:

- Planning ahead will save you money and hours of headache. Having an overall feeling of what’s expected ahead will put your mind at ease. After all, you are spending thousands of dollars to enhance your home; therefore a landscape design is crucial for every project. With the rising cost of energy and the concerns of the consumption of our natural resources we introduce green landscaping to many of our clients. Green landscape designs are a new way of innovative ideas which will save you money and save our environment.      

2. Landscape Cost Estimate - Our loyalty:

- The most important part of every project is to create a budget that you are comfortable with. The last thing we want to do is to spend your hard earned money and not make you happy. There are numerous ways to keep your estimates low and affordable. We know how nerve wracking it is to sign over the dotted line, so let us make it easy. From our first visit we will educate you for free with standard landscape cost estimates. No other landscape company will share this information with you because they will try to up sell in the contract estimate. 

3. Landscape Construction - Our Reliability:

- Now it’s time to implement the design with our experienced construction team. Building structures is all about following rules and regulations. However, detail plays a huge role as well in construction. If one brick is laid wrong the whole project could look hideous. With added workforce on board we are able to tackle any problem we come across the landscaping industry. Equipped with over 10 years of experience and educational background in the field of Landscape Architecture craft’s us with a unique ability.  

    With more than 10 years of exceptional quality landscaping and swimming pools. We have beautiful projects and satisfied customer throughout Orange County. Call us today for a free consultation and learn firsthand why we are the right choice for your next landscaping project.